Style Esteem is a personal and professional styling service located in Perth, Western Australia and is available for travel. We bring understanding, honesty and creativity to each and every appointment - from a one-on-one consultation to a community workshop.

Our goal is to give you the tools and knowledge to develop a wardrobe that works for you every day, no matter the occasion, the season or your budget. 


Fashion is general.  Style is individual.
– Edna Woolman Chase


You may have found Style Esteem's website for many different reasons. Maybe you would like to know the colours and styles that flatter you? Perhaps you are considering updating your wardrobe, need an outfit for a special occasion or require some advice packing outfits for a trip.  Do you look in your wardrobe and wonder how it could be reorganised or want to find new combinations to maximise your choices?

Style Esteem offers a variety of services to both men and women that will answer those questions and many more.  

Each service stands on its own as a standard package.  Each option fits neatly with the others, building on the knowledge of your personality, lifestyle, unique body shape and colouring. You will make informed decisions on what to buy, reducing the time and money wasted on garments and accessories that do not flatter or get worn. 

Dixie profile

"I have always been fascinated by how people project confidence and personality through their choice of clothes and grooming. As a busy mum with two small children, I understand that our wardrobes may not be our first priority. It is easy for our personal style and expression to get lost in the busyness of life. 

I really enjoy seeing men and women's self esteem encouraged as they refine and develop their wardrobe to reflect and flatter who they really are."   

Dixie Markham, Principal Consultant 


Let Style Esteem help you project yourself in a way that expresses who you really are and helps get you to where you want to be.