Racing to the finish line in your Headband

With the horse racing season on our doorstop, Melbourne Cup a month away, it is time to consider the finishing touches to your outfit.  

Headbands are an easy way to add a splash of colour, texture and interest to your chosen outfit without the problem of hat hair or hairclips sliding. 

    Style Tread Examples


I noticed on Styletread, they had a really good selection of bands, some delicate sitting flat while others were more flamboyant. Jessica Beattie is a well known Australian milliner, based in Sydney, has a beautiful range of headwear, with some stunning headbands.

   Examples from Jessica Beattie

If you are in Dunsborough this month, south-west WA, there is a boutique called Sol (in the Coles shopping centre) that is having a closing down sale. They have a selection of headbands on offer at a good price. Department stores such as Myers and David Jones will also be worth a visit. Don't forget to take your outfit along. 

Spotlight's catalogue has just come through the post. If you are up for the challenge of creating an unique piece, have a look at their packets of feathers, ribbons, etc...  This will bring the cost right down while giving you the satisfaction of having designed your own headwear.  Search with Google and You Tube to find instructions for the style that suits you. Have fun!

Keep your selection in keeping with your outfit:

  • picking up a hue that is in the pattern;
  • if your outfit is a solid colour, try a darker/lighter shade or one that compliments;
  • choose a colour range that will work with a variety of your outfits for maximum wear;
  • similar 'weight' as the bulk / volume of your garment;
  • match the feel eg classic, dramatic, feminine, etc...

Another way to design a headpiece, is remodel the trim on a fascinator or a hat that you already own. Carefully remove the trim and stand in front of the mirror to play with the different pieces until you find a placement that you are happy with. Attach onto the headband or hair clip, using a hot glue gun or stitch in place. You can cover the band or clip with ribbon. 

Have a great race!