New Opportunities

I haven't had many opportunities to get here and write down my thoughts on anything this last couple of weeks. Our youngest, has had a long run-in battle with a chesty cough that seems to have left behind a fluctuating temperature. I have been smothered in hayfever on and off. How I love this time of the year, not... 

I am really pleased to have some exciting opportunities coming up over the next couple of weeks: 

* Speaking to a group of teenage girls on female body shapes and discovering their own styles "Lovin' Being Me" at Lakeside Recreation Centre, Bibra Lake.

* Speaking to a group of Year 7 girls at a school in the City of South Perth, on discovering colours, as part of a self esteem series of workshops. 

* Sharing with a group of women with Post Natal Depression on anything they feel like talking about re personal style. 

* Being available to Share-Holders of a Coop in Katanning at their 90th birthday celebrations. I will be there to answer any questions on personal style and colouring and provide guidance as requested. 

Having the opportunity to speak into peoples self-esteem is such a privilege. I look forward to many more opportunities.