Are you in search of a perfect scarf?

I have just found these amazing scaves and wanted to share my find with you.

If you have had your COLOURS analysed, and in your description is 'Soft' or 'Light', then you may just love this scarf that is currently on offer at Gorman's.

It is called an "Ultra Violet Scarf" selling for $79, made of 25% silk 75% cotton.  The colours are beautiful and would work really well with all eye colours.

I can see it over a plain coloured top and bottoms, with minimum details. This allows the scarf to shine as the focal point. Stay away from wearing it with white or black, as it would have to work really hard to look as fantastic as it is. Try wearing the scarf with a similar coloured outfit or even try a salmon, camel, mid navy, chocolate, or light teal. Mmmm, delicious. 

It possibly could be worn very effectively as a headband, depending upon how much volume your hair has. 

I can also see this scarf as part of a winter outift to bring a touch of warmth and colour to a dreary day, layered over a long sleeved top, cardigan or jacket, with your favourite jeans and boots. Imagine teaming it with ballet flats in one of the colours from the scarf! Gorgeous. 

Or, maybe you have 'Dark' or 'Deep' in your description. Consider this one for a bit of fun: "Tutti Fruiti" for $89 in 100% cotton.



Then there is this one that would look great on a 'Warm': "Avery" for $89 in 100% cotton.



Maybe you have very 'Cool and Clear' colouring (or winter features) and would love some colour to jazz up white, black, charcoal, navy, purple or denim. Then try this one on for size: "Seeing Spots" on special for $47.40 in 100% silk, 85cm square. 


In 1999 Lisa Gorman launched her first collection in a fledging boutique in Fitzroy, Vic, titled "less than 12 degrees".  Today, her label is well recognised and distributed through many outlets across the country and in her own boutiques.