Help! I'm an Inverted Triangle

As published in Grapevine (Ongerup-Gnowangerup), The Williams (Williams) & Wagin Argus (Wagin)

Broad Shoulders & Ribcage + Narrow Hips + Slim Legs = Inverted Triangle.

Variation = small < large bust; defined < straight waist; flattish < curved bottom.

A harmonious look for all Inverted Triangles is to soften the shoulder line and bring balance to the lower body.

Soft, drapey fabrics, such as fine gauge knitwear, are fabulous as they flow passed the torso rather than hug the body tightly. Crisper fabrics need some shaping and maybe a bit of stretch for comfort.

Keep tops simple in style with minimum shoulder details. V-necks, scoops, wrap tops and button-down shirts all work wonderfully to draw the eye down towards the waist. Try wearing a base layer in a contrasting or lighter shade.

Tops with vertical details, such as princess line, pin tucking and centre openings, also look great.

Sleeves should sit flat at the shoulder rather than puffed or gathered. Shoulder pads should be removed, unless very small in a tailored garment. A ¾ sleeve is very flattering. So is a wide strap rather than a spaghetti style in sleeveless outfits. A dropped shoulder line may help disguise your broadness.

Keep length of tops and jackets just below the hipbone to mid hip. To create definition at the waist, gentle ruche the side seams of your tops with elastic or temporarily with fingers.  Also worth a try, is a belt worn over the top.

Wear long-line jackets and cardigans to the thigh; this is generally the widest point of the leg.  Create waist definition by nipping in at the waist by belting /buttoning up the outer layer, or by leaving open and having a shorter hip length top underneath.

To create balance to the shoulder line, trousers can take the form of straight, bootleg, slightly flared or wide legged. Keep the top half simple and neat. Pleats at the waist and pocket details also work well.

Skirts include straight (with minimum tapering), A-line, panelled, softly pleated, wrap and tiered. Knee length is very flattering.

Try wearing a darker top with lighter or brighter colours on the bottom. Patterns placed lower on the body, or from under the bust, also help create balance.  Wear accessories that connect the different parts of the outfit together.

Keep those shoulders straight and walk them tall – they are the envy of many.