Dressing A Pear

As published in Grapevine (Yongergnow - Ongerup), The Williams (Williams) & Wagin Argus (Wagin)

Pear. Triangle. Shape A. Skittle. Bell. Spoon.

The comment: “You’ve got good child bearing hips!” brings little comfort to the lady in question - she has one of the most common body shapes, the triangle. This means her bust line is smaller in proportion to her fuller bottom, hips and thighs.  

The triangle’s aim is to wear clothes that minimize the hip and thigh area, while drawing attention to our upper body to look balanced and fabulous!

To do this, keep to semi-fitted tops.  Have fun choosing coloured tops that can be layered. Try brights or medium to light tones.  Add patterns and details that draw attention up the body, such as breast pockets, horizontal stripes, embroidery or frills around the neckline.

Wearing one colour, or similar depth, from head to toe works. Add a splash of colour high on your body. For example, dark jeans with a navy button up shirt, then wear colourful beads or a watermelon scarf. 

Necklines should frame the face - go for classic V, scooped, square, cowl and boat necks. Collars, lapels and (dare I say it?) shoulder pads create a stronger shoulder line.  Short capped sleeves to ¾ lengths help balance hips.

Ensure tops do not finish at your widest point, this will emphasize your pear shape. Hip length is more flattering than longer tunic styles.  Use shaping in side seams and darts to emphasis your slender torso.

Accessories are a main weapon.  Use necklaces, earrings, brooches, scarves and hats to draw attention up the body.  Be wary of chunky bracelets that sit at your hip line. 

Also, do not allow handbags to bounce off your hip or top of your thighs where it will add unnecessary width. Tuck them under the arm, between elbow and armpit, or hold in your hand.

Keep trousers, skirts and shorts in simple styles in block colours, preferably medium to dark tones or similar depth to your skin colour.  Ensure a good fit from waist to hip where the fabric should fall straight.  

Wear straight styles, where the fabric skims, rather than hugs those curves. Trousers work best also in bootleg styles with flat fronts. Wide legs are okay for medium to tall women. Shorts need to be hemmed lower than mid thigh to just below the knee.

The best skirt styles for triangles are subtle A-lines. They can be gored or with a box / kick pleat in the centre front. Skirt waists can be gently gathered if top is worn out. The ideal length of skirt hems, is at the narrowest part of your knee. If going for a longer style, try under the calf muscle, where the leg narrows again.

Finish your look with boots that disappear under hemlines, flats or sandals that finish lower on the foot, rather than with ankle details, or a heel. Keep shoes in sync with your overall frame and the feel of the outfit.  

Until next time, happy dressing.