Macy's now shipping to Australia

If you have ever had the pleasure of getting lost in Macy's (USA Department chain), you would have found it an amazing place to shop or just browse. They are known for their fabulous sales. 

You will be pleased to hear they are now shipping to Australia. 

In other news for Macy's, they have just launched an exclusive line by Karl Lagerfield, within their "Impulse" selection, where items sell for around $100US.  If you like this designer's touch, check out his collection



A bit of Macy history...

Did you know that the original Macy co-op, was the first department store to introduce a number of new initiatives to encourage pedestrians into their shop to browse and buy:

  • Christmas 1862, first in-store Santa Claus; 
  • Soon after, Mr Macy began to decorate his large shop front windows with impressive displays; 
  • 1866, appointment of the first female store manager;
  • 1924, Macy's became the largest department store in the world; 
  • 1924, introduction of the Christmas Parade, later become known as the famous annual Thanksgiving Day Parade; 
  • 1946, first department store flower show, which began as a fragrance promotion in the cosmetics department; and
  • 1947, the store at Herald Square, became the setting for the classic film "Miracle on 34th Street".