In Season

I have just finished 8 days work as an in-house stylist with Rockingham and Midland Gate Shopping Centres.

I had the privilege of working one-on-one with 42 VIP Shoppers, who had entered a competition for a Styling Session.  What a lovely group of ladies, and a gentleman, who were all looking for some ways to build on their current wardrobe in a way that would flatter their uniqueness. 

We all come in a different package, and that is okay. Some people have long necks while others have slim wrists, some have beautiful soft eyes and others deep rich eyes. It is learning to embrace the great bits and disguise the bits we are not so excited about. 

But, there are some common styling tips that we can all use:

  • make sure you are wearing underwear in the correct size and support level for your body's shape - make sure bras are sitting straight across your back with no spillage out of the cups, while your knickers aren't digging into your hips and cheeks, or riding where they aren't meant to go!;
  • try for an eyes up approach when dressing, leading the eye back to our faces, eg wearing a necklace or earrings with colour or sparkle, collar left open, wearing a top with a classic V neckline;
  • keep focal points away from areas where we do not want attention, eg fancy stitching or buttons on jeans pockets, heavy shoes if our legs are short;
  • if trousers or jeans are too long, please get them taken up rather than rolling into a cuff, this will only shorten your leg length;
  • keep hemlines to a slimmer point of your body (unless you are wanting to create the illusion of more fullness) eg just under or above the knee, below the calf, high waist; and
  • wear or match your natural colouring, eg use the colours in your eyes in jewellery, scarves or tops, wear clothing that is the same depth of colour as your eyes, use your skin colour as the base colour in patterns.

Lastly, try colour instead of black, white and grey - there are so many beautiful colours in the shops this season (spring/summer 11) that it is worth stepping out of your comfort zone.  

A handy trick is to stand in front of a mirror with a range of colour values in your hand, warm / cool, light / medium / dark, bright / muted. Hold each one up in front of your shoulders so your neck and head are visible. See where your eye wants to go, does it get pulled to the colour (not good choice) or stay on your face (best choice)? Does it make you look washed out or tired (not good choice) or compliment your colouring (best choice - your colouring will stay the same or be highlighted)? Find a top in the main colour of your eye colours; this will draw attention to your face and create a harmonious look. 

Ezibuy Garment 76117 - this colour is warm, medium value, soft 

Go and look fabulous!!


Just wanted to add a reminder to the participants of the In Season competition:  Remember 

  • to look under the photos in all the main style sections for more personal information.
  • that a lot of the information is relevant to another section, eg tops also relates to dresses and jackets; pants rise and fronts can be applied to shorts; skirt styles and hemlines also link into dress styles; etc...
  • take your time to get to know your information before appling it to your wardrobe, then go shopping! 

I hope you have a lot of fun getting to know the garments and accessories that make you feel comfortable and shine.

Please get in contact if you have any questions or would like to comment on how you are going. 

If you have lost your link, here it is:

My Private Stylist                           Men of Style