Rebecca Caratti: Vogue's new Style Editor

Here is an excerpt from todays Sunday Times (Nov 25, 2012):

"Queen of style is in Vogue" by Katie Robertson

Perth girl Rebecca Caratti has risen to one of the most sought-after roles in the billion-dollar fashion industry. 

As the new style editor of Vogue Australia, the former Penrhos College student has joined the gatekeepers of cool ...

"Style to me is having confidence, being individual, unique and having the right attitude," she said. "A woman should feel proud, satisfied, comfortable and powerful." 

Caratti said people should also dress age-appropriate and ensure clothes suited their body shape. 

"Always invest in a beautiful shoe, style starts from the ground up," she said. "Spend money on staple pieces ... and spend time on grooming. Neat, manicured nails and a good blow dry are a great start."