No Worries Dressing - the Practical / Natural / Relaxed Dresser

Trackies and Ugg boots, jeans, t-shirts and sneakers – the uniform of a Practical Dresser.

Maybe this is a little extreme, but she likes comfortable, casual and functional clothing. She doesn’t like to fuss, just gets on with it. A “No worries” type of person.

Her appearance is relaxed, friendly, athletic / outdoorsy and unpretentious.

She likes to wear clothing that is easy to care for. Fabrics tend to be in natural fibers gently tailored or relaxed fit. Think pyjama pants, straight leg jeans, A-line skirts, knit tops, button up shirts, simple dresses, relaxed jackets. 

The Practical Dresser is not concerned with matching pieces and will, more than likely, buy her pieces separately rather than as a suit. She may find wearing a corporate outfit outside her comfort zone.

She will own some heels, but the majority of her shoes will be flat – sneakers, boots, ballet flats, brogues, slip on sandals. They need to be comfortable rather than the first thing in fashion.  


Holiday kit



This woman may choose to wear makeup only for special occasions, and be happy with a ‘nude’ face for everyday. Her hairstyle will be natural in an easy care length. Hair accessories are there for a purpose, not as decoration.

She prefers jewellery that is simple and minimal, a chain, watch and hoop or stud earrings. She may lash out on some statement pieces when dressing-up.

Her bags are bought for their practicality, rather than the design details. They will be in relaxed styles, including totes, shoulder and backpacks.

Every time I complete a Personal Dressing Style questionnaire, I always come out very dominant in this Practical style. My summer wardrobe is full of t-shirts and linen ¾ pants (can I admit to giving them a good shake when hanging on the line, rather than iron them?) and slip on leather sandals and thongs.

Some days, I would like to be more Creative, Dramatic or Elegant in my dressing style. I can select my clothing to show that, but it still remains comfortable and practical to the occasion. 

How about you, what's your most favourite comfy piece in your wardrobe?