My style - Mephisto shoes

I thought I would start up a new category of articles that will share what I purchase (or even make) and how I plan to use the garment, accessory or shoe. 

Hopefully, it will help demonstrate how I build up and on my wardrobe, mixing and matching to meet the current needs of my lifestyle. This is what I have been discussing through the articles I have been writing for the newspapers.  

So to recap - I'm a triangle (bigger hips and full thighs), long body, my colouring is cool and muted with a deep influence. I am a Mum of 2 young kids and like my clothes to be practical and comfortable (Practical Dresser). 

I hope you find it useful. 

I love Birkenstocks but my feet don't. My left foot is shorter than my right, meaning the curves of the soles do not fit comfortably for both feet. My feet are also narrower than the shape of the Birkenstock, which caters for a slightly wider foot. 

I have regularly tried them on, hoping that their design will suddenly fit the unique shape of my feet. No. 

 So, I was delighted when I found a similar style through a different brand - Mephisto - through shoe retailer Paul Carroll, Fremantle branch.   

This is a brand that I hadn't heard from before, but was keen to try on the style. They are hand-made one shoe at a time out of natural products of soft leather, latex, cork and rubber. I can't remember their country of origin, but they are definitely European. 

I love them. The shaping on the sole is more gentle than a Birkenstock, so my feet find their own position. I have tightened the buckle on the left to cater for my slightly smaller foot. 

They met my need for a pair of easy slip-on shoes that I can get into quickly to run out the door. With their metallic finish, I can wear them from casual to smart-casual, which is the bulk of my life. They are neutral in colour so will work with the bulk of my wardrobe. Their lighter colour also means that they are not going to distract the eye from what I'm wearing and hopefully will give a bit more length to my legs. 

So far, they are my favourite summer shoe. I have been wearing them everywhere. But, I must buy myself some thongs/flip flops for the beach...