Barbie dolls ...

Our daughter is mad keen on Barbie dolls and has just turned 5.

Whenever we visit a family and there is 
the possibility of a Barbie doll lurking in some forgotten corner, she can sniff it out! She has been really interested in them since she was about 3.5yrs. I don't know where her interest was sparked, but she has been desperate for one. 

Mid last year, I was equally desperate for her to reach a milestone that she was having trouble conquering. My desperation matched her desperation. 

A deal was struck. When she had collected enough stickers on her 'star' chart, we would go shopping for a swimming Barbie. Done. 

For her recent birthday, she received a Ken doll, for reaching another milestone. One happy girl. She now has 3, after her best buddy kindly gave her one that she didn't want. 

I'm not against Barbies, my sister and I had a small collection of Barbies (mostly with cropped hair done by our hands) and a Cindy doll when we were in primary school. We had hours of fun. Along with Mum, we made clothes for them, on the sewing machine and by knitting leg warmers and tubes. 

My problem with them is,  I don't like the way they are sculptured, with bodies out of proportion, large eyes and long hair. I have these unnatural urges to cut their hair into short bobs! Maybe it is just my maternal instincts kicking into overdrive, but I'm concerned it is another way we are subtly lead to believe what a woman should look like.

That is way beyond what a 5yr old will understand, I know. 

Perhaps, I'm subconsciously jealous of their flat tummies and pert breasts that have seen no effects of time and pregnancies!!

When I went out shopping for Mr Ken, I was really impressed to see they are beginning to break the mould with a few shorter hair Barbie versions and different skin tones. Fabulous, about time. Maybe they have sold out of the one I saw as I couldn't find an image on-line. 

Now, all I need to do is find another milestone that we need to conquer to buy one!