Mens Tailoring - tips for a professional wardrobe

I am a member of a couple of Linked-In groups (similar to facebook but business orientated).

Lindsay West discussed how to choose socks for men when wearing suits. The tip - choose a sock in small fibre wool or acyriic blend (these will help wick the moisture away from the foot) in the same colour as the trousers, not the shoe. She also recommends a man should have at least 4 pairs of shoes, suitable for his working environment. This allows the shoes to be changed / rested at the end of every day to allow the shoes to dry, reducing odour build up and increase their life span. Follow the link to read the rest of the article.

I was impressed with the source of the article, Tom James: The Virtual Tailor. They have an up-to-date blog, containing oodles of information on how to choose and maintain a professional working wardrobe for men. Their main business is providing Tailors to "plan, coordinate, and maintain your wardrobe so you are perfectly attired for any situation - business, casual, social, or formal..."

This website is well worth checking out.