Working at Woolarama, Wagin


Wagin's Woolarama celebrates it's 40th birthday this weekend - Happy Birthday!

I'm delighted to be back for the second year in the Wool Pavilion, again selling the beautiful products from 'Get Felt' alongside providing information on my services. My sister, Gaye, has joined me too. 

We have had some lovely conversations with ladies from many different country areas. Some ladies have an understanding of the colours and style that suit them the best, while for others, it has been interesting discussing the difference it can make. 

We have also enjoyed a spot of people watching, seeing many stylishly dressed women and men, who have a sure sense of their personal expression. I have seen others who I would love to take under my wing and transform with clothes that flatter both in colour and style. 

A tip: if you are wearing a belt through belt loops - make sure it goes through both loops at the back! 

A thought for those who wear black: there are so many beautiful colours out there, go and explore the myriad of shades and tones waiting! Black on most people is draining, not uplifting.  

Don't forget to have a look at the fashion parades presenting a number of current trends, with 4 of the models being more average-body representative and fabulous! They are also modelling the entrants for the Wool Designer of the Year, sponsored by the Wool Agency. Which is your favourite? 

It's going to be another hot day tomorrow, so remember your water bottle, shady hat and sunscreen.

See you at Site 408.