Fantastic sized jeans

Kellogg's breakfast cereal "Special K" has just launched a new tv advert. I love it! 

If I can work out how to find their advert and put it in as a link, I will.  [I can only find ones from last year. I hope you get the chance to see it.]

It shows a lady out shopping for jeans, an often daunting task. The sizes have been altered to "Fantastic", "Va-va-voom", "Fabulous", etc... with no numbers in sight.  She selects a pair whose leather label states "Fantastic" on the waistband, smiles, and walks off with them over her arm. 

How great would that be, an affirmation of our shape every time we pulled on our favourite jeans!

I would much prefer that; than a measurement that rates us against an inconsistent scale across fashion brands nationally and internationally. 

What would your jean label say?