Defining your style - part 2: Inspiration

As published in the Wagin Argus, The Grape Vine (Yongerup) and The Williams.

We recently moved house, into one that we built. Part of the experience, was choosing colours and products for roof, walls, floors, cabinetry, blinds, etc…

I spent hours looking through magazines and catalogues, finding inspirational ideas and looks. I got samples and created mood boards. I talked to friends and analysed what we wanted in a home.

Defining your look is a similar process.

Spend time looking through magazines and catalogues. Cut out pictures that you connect to. It maybe a celebrity or an advert. It could even be a photo of a garden or an interior.  

What is it you really like in the picture? 

Is it the creative energy of a Vivienne Westwood, the colour combinations of a Matt Preston or a tumbling cottage garden, the dramatic costumes of a Lady Gaga, the romantic colour of an Olivia Newton John rose, the simple elegance of an Audrey Hepburn, or maybe the classic looks of a George Clooney?  

You may find common themes running through the images: a particular look, colour range, detail, designer, photographer, etc… 

Do you have a style icon? What are their key looks or signature pieces?

Look at the magazines that you like to read. Vogue has a different readership to Country Style.  What clues can you take from their pages?

Also, take note of what you don’t like. This will help clarify what you do like.

I started doing this when I was in my mid-teens. There are outfits in that folder that I would wear today. My interest in classic styles within a relaxed look is still very true today.

Do you have friends who have a look that you like? Or maybe they have a unique style that you admire but wouldn’t wear. Talk to them. Ask them how they develop their style, what they look for in clothing and accessories, where they shop.

What do they see as your style? What would they love to see you wear?

Having a sense of style isn’t a science. It is more an expression of personal art that you develop over time. 

Until next time, in the name of research, happy people watching.