I'm in love with the colour teal.

Teal is a great colour that sits between blue and green. There is a shade that is flattering to all skin tones, hair and eye colours. 

It goes incredibly well with the whole colour wheel, changing from elegant to casual, cheeky to romantic! It is such a versatile colour that its mood changes with the texture (eg lace, knit, denim, satin), style (cut, fit, details) and its combined partners that create the whole outfit. 

Here is an example of a mix and match wardrobe that uses TEAL as its main colour with a medium orange being an accent.  


Teal, a versatile colour.



When combining with black, you may need to introduce a 3rd colour as an accent, such as your gold or silver necklace, a soft watermelon scarf or a periwinkle cardigan. Black tends to make other shades work hard as it absorbs colours.  

Try wearing a medium to dark teal with black pants / skirt for an elegant look. Teal, black and white work well in a nautical striped t-shirt, that can be combined with your black, white, red, denim bottoms. For a different take, try a soft floaty teal tunic with charcoal 3/4 linen pants. The charcoal is a soft black and will allow the teal to shine.