Being the Centre of Attention - dramatic dress style

As published in the Wagin Argus, The Grapevine (Yongerup) and The Williams.

Dramatic women are ready to make their entrance. An exciting story to tell, a funny joke to share, ready to be the life of the party.

Think Madonna, Naomi Campbell and Sharon Osbourne.

They are extroverted, independent, strong women who are influential and memorable. Sometimes, they can come across as aggressive or unapproachable.

These women are willing to sacrifice comfort over style, trying the latest trends even if it doesn’t suit their body shape. Their clothing makes a striking statement.

You will find them wearing highly structured garments with a strong shoulder line, angular necklines and defined edges.  Accessories are distinctive and one-of-a-kind pieces, including eye catching belt buckles, oversized sunnies, chunky necklaces and a statement hat.

Favourite patterns include dramatic geometric and abstract shapes, animal prints and bold stripes.

Fabrics that hold defined shapes, such as gabardine, stiff brocade, metallics, leather and crisp cottons, are preferred.

Dramatics use colour to enhance their ‘wow’ factor. The same tone may be worn head to toe. Perhaps they have a signature colour, always wearing red shoes or a purple satchel.

Colours with a high level of contrast are often combined together, such as charcoal and periwinkle, chocolate and fern, purple and amber.  They need to remember that the change in colour should not be at their widest point!

I once heard about a group of barristers who had to dress very conservatively for their courtroom appearances. But, to express their more dramatic styles, they choose fuchsia, turquoise and scarlet for their suit linings.

Dramatics need to remember that their outfit shouldn’t dominate. But, helps express who they really are and how they feel.

Until next time, keep making your statement.