Are you Curvalicious? - dressing an hourglass

As published in the Wagin Argus, The Grapevine (Yongerup) and The Williams.

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Marilyn Monroe had it. Helen Mirren has it. Kate Winslett and Scarlett Johansson are known for theirs.

These women enjoy the curves of an Hourglass figure, celebrated by painters and sculptors over the centuries.

Who is an Hourglass? She has a bust and hips that are similar size, a well-defined waist and shapely legs.

This figure type is seen as the dream body shape, in proportion and curvy. With tall slim supermodels being the ‘norm’, many Hourglasses may be hiding their voluptuousness.

If you have an Hourglass figure, embrace your curves and show to advantage your waist. Semi fitted clothing and soft fabrics that follow your shape are most flattering.  

Keep clothing uncluttered, as a lot of detail will add the appearance of weight.  Accessorise classic garment pieces for major impact! Use a belt to draw attention to your waist.

Jackets, tops and dresses need shape through the body, with the use of curved seams, darts, wraps or bias cuts.  If your waist is not emphasised, you risk looking boxy.

Medium to low necklines maintain your balanced look.  Classic V and scoops can be deep or wide. High necklines and collars should be avoided.  Ensure you are wearing a properly fitted bra.

Jackets and coats look fabulous when fitted or shaped. Double breasted styles become bulky and unflattering. Single button up jackets look great with the closure under your bust or at the waist.


As an Hourglass, both your skirts and pants need to fit well through your waist and hips to be flattering.

Skirts can take on many styles – pencil, bias, full, panelled, soft pleats and A-line to name a few. A stunning length is to the knee. Ensure skirt lengths do not fall at the widest part of the thighs or calves.

Over tapered trousers, skinny jeans and leggings can make shapely thighs look heavy. Wear with caution. Instead, try straight, bootleg or wide legged pants.

The final word is by actress Christina Hendricks, “find a designer or style that glorifies your curves. … Once you find what looks best on you, stick with it”.