Photoshop 'reality'

I'm sitting here, watching the Olympics while flicking through my emails. I have received one from Trish Murray (The Original Yummy Mummy). Her newsletter discusses multitasking, widespread use of photoshop in media and selecting the right jeans. 

Included is a link to a 3min video of "Madonna Before and After Photoshop". 

It's worth watching to be reminded that what we see in magazines, posters, etc... is not what is actual. Wrinkles and blemishes smoothed out, colour added and deepened, stomach's pulled in and boobs pushed out... 

"The number one reason women have low self-esteem is because they compare themselves to these images which are not real. You are comparing yourself to unreal, altered pictures.  Leave the glossy magazine self comparison behind" writes Trish. 

"So who should you compare yourself too?  Instead of comparing yourself to altered media images, compare yourself to “Your Best Self”.  The time you felt fantastic within.  What was it about that moment or time in your life?  Why did you feel so great? Who was there? How did you feel?   Acknowledge why you felt so great and strive to recreate that environment again and again."

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