Creative Dressing to Self Express - creative dress style

As published in the Wagin Argus, The Williams and The Grapevine (Ongerup-Gnowangerup)

Our daughter loved to choose her own outfits soon after turning 2. It was much easier to let her have her way than fighting over the outfit I had chosen.

Pattern over pattern, colours clashing, winter jumpers worn with summer skirts, as many hair clips as could be arranged, slippers to finish the look.

Now, she is 5. She is wanting to know if her ensemble looks ‘stylish’. She has begun to learn the rules of dressing, while still having fun with layering and silver shoes.

As an adult, a lot of us lose the fun in dressing. But, for some, it is their way of expressing their creative, adventurous and artistic natures. They mix the rules in such a way that creates a truly individual look.

The outfits worn by a Creative Dresser will include unexpected combinations, varying textures and details.  Prints and colours are combined in all different ways.

Layering is often a key to the look with unlimited choices on how clothes and accessories can be mixed together.

Two full skirts maybe worn together, with one knotted at the hemline to show off the one underneath. A fringed scarf tied at the waist to clinch in a loose top, with a range of colourful beaded necklaces. Change the top to a fitted button-up shirt with a wide elastic belt and spotted bow tie.

If I wore either of those variations, I would look ridiculous. But, someone with this type of innate imaginative style, would look fabulous.

Creative Dressers love accessories – belts, scarves, bags, shoes, eyewear, jewellery and hosiery. Pieces may be bought from markets, second hand or vintage stores, hand-made or sourced as a travel souvenir.

Blogger Anne Luria Burg, of Can Do Creativity, loves scarves for their limitless possibilities. She writes “It’s worth looking at different ways of tying them, but just pinning it in place after draping it gracefully can be very effective.  Of course, they can be also wrapped around your head, your waist or hips, or tied to your purse.”

Hosiery can be layered using a coloured base and lacey or patterned over the top. Jewellery works well as a statement piece or combined with other similar weight pieces.

So, for those who embrace their artistic sides, have fun breaking the rules to create a truly unique look.