Classic Image - classic dressing style

As published in the Wagin Argus, The Williams and The Grapevine (Yongerup)

Jacqui O, Hillary Clinton, Princess Catherine, Michelle Obama and Victoria Beckham have something in common. They wear smart classics. Through colour and accessories, they personalise their look.

Classic dressing ladies have a wardrobe made up of staple garments in neutral colours: black, greys, navy, chocolate, beige, tan and camel. You will find clean, straight lines, fabrics that softly drape, quality leather accessories and beautiful jewellery too.

Their overall look is timeless and coordinated, rather than trendsetter. But, saying that, these ladies can be very influential.  Think Jacqui O sunglasses and Michelle Obama shift dresses.

The important thing to remember with Classic dressing, is that the pieces must have a flattering fit and colour. The styles should be uncomplicated. 


Classic pieces

Layers can be added to build interest using more on-trend pieces or mixed with other classic garments.

For example, beige wide leg trousers worn with a white sleeveless top, tan belt and leather sandals, topped off with a coral V-necked cardigan (on-trend piece).  Same outfit but worn with a med-taupe waterfall jacket (classic). 

Changing accents for a different look.

Patterns tend to be found in pinstripes, small polka dots, nautical stripes, fair-isle knits and soft florals.

Texture is kept to a minimum, but is explored through fabric finishes like leather, suede, lace, simple knit effects, silk, wool and velvet.

Classic jewellery pieces include gold and silver chains; single pendants, which could include a beautiful pearl; simple stud, hoop and dangling earrings; and a smart watch. Introduce quality costume jewellery to vary the look of outfits.

Shoes and handbags are an easy way to update a Classic’s wardrobe, which at times could be consider too safe or dull.

Introduce a ballet flat or pump in a non-neutral colour, such as red, emerald, or has gold hardware. Introduce a coral clutch or a mulberry handbag.

A Classic dressed lady will be well presented with groomed hair in a simple, easy to manage style, conservative make-up, clean shaped nails (no art) and an overall look of being coordinated.

One tip from a Classic:  Remember to buy the best quality classic pieces you can afford and you will be rewarded with many years use.