Illusion Dressing

Some colour and fabric hints: 

  • the darker a colour, the more it recedes.
  • the more neutral a colour, the more it recedes.
  • the brighter or lighter the colour, the more it draws attention.
  • the more interesting the fabric (eg texture, shine, detailing), the more it draws attention. 
  • the neater a garment hangs, the slimmer a silhoutte appears. 
  • the fuller a garment hangs, the more volume is given to the shape underneath. 


To look taller - use similar depths of colour up the body with a high focal point or vertical details. Wear the colour on the inside of your layers and keep your shoes in a similar tone to your lower body garments.


Illusion dressing - looking taller.



To look slimmer - use similar depths of colour (medium to med-dark) up the body with vertical details on the upper body. Use horizontal detailing at your narrowest point eg hemlines. 

Looking slimmer

To look shorter - use darker tones on the upper body and lighter, brighter, more interesting fabrics on your lower body. Use horizontal details to break up the body and add interest low on the body (eg coloured shoes). 

To look fuller - use larger patterns, shiny and lighter colours. Try adding balanced volume to your garments.