The Sophisticated Wardrobe: an Elegant Dressing Style

As published in the Wagin Argus, The Williams and The Grapevine.

El-e-gant: tastefully fine or luxurious in dress; gracefully refined and dignified…; appropriate to refined taste… (

Sophisticated and meticulous. Regal and influential.  An elegant dress style is always appropriate to the occasion.

Do you know someone who oozes elegance?

They have fabulous posture, move gracefully and know just what to say. Are beautifully groomed and coordinated.  

These ladies are not into displaying brand names, but rather go for quality understated pieces over quantity. Their purchases are considered rather than rash impulsive buys.

An Elegant dresser will choose beautiful natural fabrics in classic styles. Colours tend to be in tones of cream, camel and beige, light grey to black, mauve and shell pink, duck egg blue and navy, etc…

As fit is important, a dressmaker will be an invaluable friend – correcting lengths, adjusting shape and changing buttons.

Her core wardrobe will include tailored jackets, soft knits in cashmere, fine wool or cotton, button up shirts, shaped t-shirts, well fitting jeans and pants, pencil skirts and a slightly textured coat.

She accessorizes with family heirloom jewelry, pearls and diamonds, designer silk scarves, gold bracelets, and a simple watch. Her shoes are well cared for, classic styles in solid neutral colours.

You are unlikely to see this woman wearing lots of bright bold colours, shiny fabrics or busy patterns. Often, her outfits will be monochromatic or in two tones. For example, camel pants worn with either blush twin-set and pearls or teal pussy bow shirt and gold accent jewelry.


An Elegant Look



So, if your new years wish was for some elegance, try walking with a quiet confidence. Think Jackie Onassis or Nicole Kidman.

Remember to take care of your clothes, keep a regular appointment with your hairdresser, makeup natural and nails manicured. 

Until next time, thank someone for their thoughfulness and listen with respect. These are true signs of inner elegance.