Adding some Soul!

I often talk to ladies, who are having a Colour Consult, about creating outfits that have a focal point or are interesting to look at. 

When we choose garments where the fabrics have a similar finish (eg matte jersey & denim) in two colours that are similar in depth or tone, and there is no distinguishing details, the outfit can look bland.

It needs something to finish it off, to give it some interest, a focal point. Take it from boring to "hey, you are looking great today". Sometimes, even a "good" is all we need to boost our morale!

Here are some ideas to give your outfit some WOW, without going overboard. 


Adding interest...



1. Choose a bag that matches the colours of your outfit, but with a definite detail that is eye-catching. 

2. Create interest with a gorgeous scarf, could be textural, patterned or block colour, add shoes and a bag that work with it.

HINT: Introducing a 3rd colour in big or small ways will have a big impact.

3. Find yourself some belts that are both practical (photo 4 and 6) and interesting (photo 3). The interest could be in the buckle detail or the type of fabric. They come in all sorts of colours and widths. Experiment.

4. Add layers that introduce new depth to your outfit, but still complimenting the colours you are wearing. The tank/vest top includes the colour of the t-shirt, jeans and shoes. A long sleeved t-shirt could be worn underneath the top instead. 

5. Another way to layer is to add a jacket, cardigan, over shirt or coat. Add some jewellery to pull them together. This is what we all do naturally when we need to add warmth to our outfit or more formality.

6. Consider using texture, patterns, different fabric finish (matte/sheen/shiny) and details (ruffles, trims, pockets, etc...) to take away the bland. I love fabrics that have texture. My favourite is linen t-shirts and knits. 


Adding interest



The outfit can be as simple, creative, elegant, classic, practical, dramatic as you want it to be. Just give the outfit some soul. 

PS. I had to add a necklace to outfits 1 & 3. They just didn't look right without it. 

How do you like to finish off your outfits?