Wardrobe Completed

As published in the Wagin Argus and The Williams.

So, have you decided what your personal dressing style is?

Naturally Practical. Dashing Dramatic. Cleverly Creative. Softly Romantic. Tailored Elegance. Classy Classic.

Maybe you are very strong in one style. Or perhaps you are an even mixture.

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Most women tend to be a combination of a few styles, with a dominant influence. For me, I am very much a Practical dresser with an influence of Classic. I borrow principles from the Creative too.

Sometimes our circumstances dictate the way we dress, such as requiring specific work wear, a new mum who needs easy care clothing. Cultural factors can also influence our own style.

There are many other ‘styles’ that shape personal dressing choices. For instance, gothic (can be dramatic, creative, romantic), vintage (covers all), punk (generally dramatic or creative) and bohemian (mostly romantic, creative and practical).

I have a real problem with women who describe sexy as their main dressing style. To me, it fits better as a secondary influence. Otherwise their outfits can be seen as inappropriate to the situation or their age.

How do we marry all these parts into a cohesive wardrobe?  

Go back to the start of this series – What do you want your clothing to say? What are your lifestyle requirements? What do you love to wear and what hangs in your wardrobe unworn?

Consider your ideal wardrobe – think fabrics and textures, specific styles, accessories, etc…  How does this fit with your personality and dreams? What colours will form the basis of your wardrobe?

Look to the internet and women’s magazines for inspiration.  Contemplate styles you love. What is it you appreciate? Can you identify the dressing styles?

Play with your wardrobe. Try different combinations. Add accessories to inspire new looks. Would a few more classic styles give you building blocks to create outfits? Adjust unworn items to give new life or discard.

When you next go shopping, try things on that maybe you wouldn’t normally. Find stores, including on-line, that regularly stock garments that speak to you. I have a couple of stores that I go to for the bulk of my wardrobe.

Until next time, be brave. Go on – shine!