Hiding in Men's Wardrobes

Now, what about the guys? What do the clothes in their wardrobes say?

There isn’t much written or talked about on men’s dressing styles. More is said on what their core wardrobe should hold, current trends, how to tie a tie or watch reviews.

So, let’s relate the personal dressing styles featured in my last series to men.

Dramatic  - strong colours and fabrics in styles that help create an entrance and lasting impression. Think Graham Norton (UK tv chat show host) or Seal (“The Voice” tv series).

Creative – combining colours, patterns, fabrics and styles in ways that express their personal creativeness. Be inspired by Elton John or Mick Jagger in all their stage finery, Matt Preston’s colour combinations (“Master Chef” tv series).

Classic – beautiful styles in a combination of neutral and complimentary colours that work across so many occasions, from smart casual dressing through to formal wear (such as the Country Road ensemble below).

Consider news readers or politicians outfits, Matt Damon (actor) and Michael Parkinson (UK tv chat show host).

Romantic - Not a style commonly related to guys, but becomes more of an influence rather than a style on it’s own. Think about Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen (UK interior decorator) with his floppy hair and beautiful patterned shirts or ‘Jack Sparrow’ the pirate (whose look was inspired by Keith Richards).

Practical – once again jeans or chino’s are standard wear with Rossi boots and a t-shirt. Think comfort first. There are many examples of this style: Jamie Oliver (UK chef), Jules Lund (“Getaway” tv series) Hamish and Andy (tv and radio presenters).

Elegant – Taking the Classic a step further with charm and confidence in the knowledge of what suits their own physique and personality. Reflect on the presence of these gentlemen - Cary Grant (actor), James Bond, Simon Baker (“The Mentalist” tv series) and George Clooney (actor).

Like women, there are many different variations on these styles. Preppy is based upon a classic wardrobe made up of clean lines, neutral colours with splashes of vibrant tones (such as in the Ralph Lauren image above). Sporty wears like a team uniform of brand sneakers, fitness shorts / track pants and relaxed hoodies. Then there is biker, bogan, cowboy, surfer, etc...  

Until next time, happy dressing!