Tying a men's tie

My husband and I had to get a bit dressed up last Sunday when we went to a friend's son's baptism. It was in the beautiful Guildford Grammer Chapel. 

So, in the 5 minutes before we rushed out the door, my husband pulls out his favourite blue silk tie, and asks for some help. I can only do one simple knot, and that is one that I have to do around my own neck and then pass on. 

I'm not sure if it was my Mum or my Dad who first taught me how to do it. But I have found a youtube clip that takes you through the same steps. 

I am a bit intrigued by the man's long silver pigtail that makes a brief appearance!

There are a lot of different youtube clips for all sorts of tie knots.  

Here is one that goes through some of the logistics - width of tie to lapel; colour coordinating; etc...