Thinking of Short Hair?

Are you hovering around the idea of chopping your hair off SHORT?  

I found this article, written by Sally McGraw, from Already Pretty, and had to share it for two reasons.  Firstly, at a Style Consult last week, Sarah asked if she would suit a short hair do - YES. Secondly, I love my hair cut - it has been varying degrees of short for over 20yrs (after 10 years of changeable longer lengths and perms that looked good for only a couple of weeks).   

hair photo 2.jpg

Here are two photos that I found hiding away. The one above, is a typical perm look that I wore for too many years. My friend Fiona (right) has naturally wavy hair. I think that was the look I was after, gentle wavy movement...  The second photo is one of my sister (right) and I, with my less than 1 week old short hair cut! 

hair photos.jpg

My hair do still looks pretty much the same, just a few silver tones peeping through!

I love seeing a good short hair-do. I have been known to ask strangers who their hair-dresser is when I haven't been able to book an appointment to see my lovely Liz, who has been looking after my hair for over 25yrs!! She is not allowed to retire....