Happy New Year, and now, Happy Easter!

I am a bit embarrassed to see that my last post was in November last year!  

Summer has been and now the cooler mornings of autumn are here. 

I started this year, wanting my choleric side to have more influence than my very dominant phlegmatic personality. That meant, getting organised, putting processes into place (ie scheduling, prioritising), finding a good balance between work, relaxing, sorting, cleaning, volunteering, gardening, etc... now that both our children are at school fulltime.

So far, I have gotten through half my mending pile, stayed nearly up-to-date with my ironing, planted a tree in honour of one of our chooks that died, begun the process of sorting things for a car-boot sale for sometime in the future, home baked chocolate-banana muffins and cakes (children have gone off bananas, leaving me an abundant supply of frozen ones) and many other housey things.  

I obviously haven't been prioritising time for this blog....  Must be more organised. 

Until next time, hope you have a safe and relaxed Easter.