Tomboy Style

I recently met a lovely lady at a fundraiser. We had a very interesting discussion about her 'tomboy' style which reflects her motorbike riding and no-fuss approach to life.  On occasions, she likes to hint at her sexy side, but mostly lives in jeans and t-shirts.

This image is a result of my ponderings on what her wardrobe consists of.

Motorbikes and jeans.

Motorbikes and jeans by styleesteem featuring converse shoes

She is around 6"and has a rectangular body shape. I've chosen tops that have some shaping through the torso to encourage the illusion of a more defined waist than she has.  A number of the items have curves within their detail or design, to provide some softness and interest.  From our discussion, I understood her style to be practical / natural, with an appreciation for classic lines and items that expressed her individuality.

I have found some links that you might like to browse through, if you share her love of practical easy wearing clothing and accessories. 

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