1. What information do you need from me? Your personal contact details are required when making an appointment and for completing your Personal Style questionnaire.
  2. What do you do with my information? Your information is kept confidential, purely for our own records. It will not be sold onto a third party for marketing or advertising purposes. We use your contact details to follow-up after your appointment, to see how you are going on your personal style journey and to be able to offer any ongoing advice. 



  1. Do I need to get undressed to have my measurements and body observations completed?  The software used for assessing style takes clothing into consideration, however, loose, non-bulky clothing works best. It is also advisable to wear your most supportive bra.
  2. Will I be able to access my information anytime? Yes, with your log on details, you can access My Private Stylist anytime anywhere. 
  3. What do I do with my personal report? Read through your report a couple of times, including the extra information under the photos and descriptions, until you begin to understand how it all fits together. Mark the images in your Shopping Guide in a way that has meaning for you. Use your information to look through your wardrobe to determine where you have gone right and those choices that haven't been so advantageous! Take your shopping guide with you shopping and try on options that you may not have considered before. Don't forget, that some garments may need alterations to become a great style eg hems shortened, extra dart through the body, etc...
  4. What sort of service would be appropriate to follow? COLOUR or a WARDROBE work very well after a STYLE appointment. COLOUR and STYLE go hand-in-hand, while a WARDROBE will help put your new found knowledge into practice. A PERSONAL SHOPPING experience also follows on nicely, allowing a second pair of eyes to identify possibilities that you may have not considered.



  1. Do I need to do anything to be ready for my appointment? Please do not wear any makeup to your appointment. If you do, it may need to be removed in order to assess your natural colouring more accurately.
  2. Does it matter what time the appointment is? Daylight provides the best conditions for assessing your natural colouring. Most artificial lighting has a colour tinge, either warm or cool, which can alter your appearance. 
  3. What is the swatch of colours? The colour swatch is made up of 60 colour chips that best suit and flatter your natural colouring. We identify the specific colours which enhance and intensify your own colouring; ensuring people notice you, and not your clothes. The swatch is designed small to fit into your handbag or pocket.
  4. What do I do with my colour swatch and information? To get the best out of your consultation and swatch, you should read through your colour manual. Take your swatch with you when you shop for clothing and notice how the colours in the stores relate to or harmonise with your specific range. Start trying on garments that work with your swatch chips and you will discover colours never before considered that you can introduce into your wardrobe. 



  1. What do I need to do to be ready? If you are having a full face of makeup applied, a cleaned toned moisturised face is a great starting point. Consider using a top quality primer, such as the Adonia Retexturising Face Primer SPF20, to provide the best canvas for makeup to be applied to.  If you are trialling a product, any makeup you are wearing, can be removed with makeup wipes. 
  2. Can I buy a product or do I need to order a full set? Yes, you can purchase any number of products, from a single cosmetic to a kit of makeup. The colours do not change from season to season. This means that you can purchase the products confidently knowing they will be available long-term. 
  3. What should I do if I'm unhappy with a product? I am so confident in the quality of Adonia Cosmetics, that I offer a full refund on any item returned within the first 30 days. 



  1. What can I expect? We will establish what you would like to achieve in the time frame and work towards that. For example: sorting out clothes and accessories to "keep", "alter" and "discard"; discovering new ways to wear what you already have; developing a wish / shopping list; or packing for a holiday / work trip.
  2. What do I need to do to be ready for the appointment? Check that your clothes, shoes and accessories are readily available to meet the goal you wish to achieve. 
  3. Will I need to get undressed? This will depend upon what you want to achieve; but, most likely, you will be asked to try on clothes. Please wear underwear that is well fitting and offers good support.  



  1. What can I expect? Two hours of concentrated, personal shopping at an agreed upon shopping centre. Where possible, items will be put on hold prior to the appointment in a range of stores. You will receive objective feedback on how an item looks and meets your goals.
  2.  How do I make purchases? After trying on the items, those pieces you are considering buying go back onto hold for your collection after the appointment has finished. 
  3. What do I need to do to be ready for the appointment? Decide what you wish to achieve and your budget. This will give the shopping experience direction and be an effective use of time. Please wear well fitting underwear that is appropriate to the type of clothes you wish to buy.  
  4. Does Style Esteem receive any commissions on purchases? No. Decisions on which shops to focus on are based purely on your goals and budget.  



  1. What format do these take? Generally, presentations are delivered as an interactive workshop where people are encouraged to participate. 
  2. Do you have set topics? Presentations and workshops can be tailor made to your requirements. This includes – topics, length, level of participation, venue, resources, etc…
  3. What would I need to do and what does Style Esteem provide? This would be discussed and agreed upon according to your individual / business requirements.  A quote can be provided outlining the agreements made. 



  1. How do you charge?  Style Esteem charges by the appointment type, extra time is at an additional rate. The rates shown on the website are for standard packages. Packages can be tailored to your requirements and charges will reflect the level of service provided. 
  2. How do I pay? The three methods currently available for personal consultations are payment by cash on the day, direct debit or paypal into Style Esteem's account, prior to the appointment. Business terms are provided on the quote and invoice provided by Style Esteem.
  3. Do I get a receipt? A receipt is provided by request. 
  4. Do you sell vouchers? Yes. Please contact Style Esteem to discuss further.
  5. What happens if I have to cancel the appointment? Your prior payment will be held if the appointment can be rearranged for a convenient time within a four week period. If not, your payment will be refunded.
  6. What about makeup orders? Your payment is required within 48hrs of ordering.  If you cancel your order, once the makeup has been dispatched, all monies will be refunded except for a $20 postage handling fee.