Style Esteem offers a variety of services to women, men, groups and businesses that will provide guidance and support towards a wardrobe where there will always be something to wear.   

Style Esteem is happy to tailor a package to your individual or group requirements.  Further coaching in any of the services is also available.   

ABN:  57100615267



Approximately 90-120min one-on-one consult for $150.

A personalised on-line report that is tailored to your specific body shape is generated after taking a number of body measurements and observations. The report provides 100s of images representing garments and accessories that range from on trend to classic pieces with information on how that style works for you.  There is even a section to help you understand and select patterns, types of fabrics and accessories that are in proportion to your bone structure.

Along with the on-line report that you can access anytime, anywhere, you receive a Shopping Style Guide, that is designed to fit into your handbag. By reading through your personalised report, and making notations in the Shopping Style Guide, you end up with a valuable tool that will save you money and time. 



Approx 90-120min one-on-one consult for $150.

By using a set of warm and cool drapes, we establish the range of colours that complement your natural colouring. This is called your "flow season". Style Esteem will also identify specific colours that will enhance and intensify your own colouring. 

You receive a swatch of approximately 60 colours. It has three ranges: core colours are the neutrals to base your wardrobe around; basics are the colour in your wardrobe; and accents, are used in small doses to add interest.  The swatch also comes with an extensive manual to help you get the most from your swatch. 

We spend time using your swatch to discover new colour combination possibilities to build into your wardrobe. This also includes how to select jewellry to compliment your look.



Approx 60min one-on-one consult $75. 

A complimentary make-up application can be included with either of the COLOUR or STYLE Consults.

Adonia Makeup is an exclusive range that is designed to perfectly compliment your unique colouring.  It is hypoallergenic and is not tested on animals. There is a range of mineral based products available that have a natural SPF, including powder eyeshadows, liquid and powder foundations.   

Style Esteem can help with information and a demonstration if you are considering updating your makeup or trying a new product. You are welcome to trail a product through an application, place an order for an individual product or purchase one of the makeup kits. 

Dixie is also available for special occasion make-up applications.



2hr review one-on-one consult.  $150 for first 2hrs, $50 per hr after that.

Sometimes it takes an objective eye to help distinguish between what can stay and those items to be discarded or altered.  

We will initially discuss your colouring, body shape, lifestyle needs and dressing approach in order to determine what you need.  The best way to sort through your clothing, is for you to try on the garments, shoes and accessories. 

Together, we will plan any alterations, discuss how to adapt what you have into new combinations and develop a 'wish list' to help direct future shopping trips.  By the end of the session, you will have a wardrobe that has been refined.

Variations to a Wardrobe Consult - packing your holiday / work suitcase; adapting your wardrobe into new combinations and creating a 'look book'.



2hr shopping experience at an agreed upon shopping area within Perth metro area. $150 for first 2hrs, $50 per hr there after.

Using a Personal Shopper could be for a variety of reasons: you never know what to buy; would like to fill the gaps in your wardrobe or update it with some current trends. This could be focusing on one area, such as accessories or work wear, maybe introduce new pieces into a tired wardrobe. 

Style Esteem will conduct a pre-shop, if possible, and have items placed on hold for you to try on during the shopping experience.  This ensures the two hours are used effectively, with you receiving focused and individual attention.  

Ideally, you will have previously booked a COLOUR and/or STYLE package. If we are meeting for the first time, an initial meeting maybe required to ensure that you get the most out of the experience. There will be an additional cost for this.




Style Esteem believes in sharing information in a fun and practical way. Presentations are facilitated to encourage audience participation and may involve answering questions, dress-ups, basic body shape analysis and modeling own garments as an example of a relevant point. 

Workshops can be organised for all sized groups, with topics covering all areas of style and grooming.  

Here is an example:

Dare Yourself to Shine 

  • Why get Dressed?                             
  • Body types
  • Line and design
  • Effects of fabric
  • Focal points

Workshops can be run for a group of friends, as a fundraising events or in a corporate setting.  


COACHING (personal or professional branding)

$75 per hour.

Just like you need to take your car to the mechanics to keep it in good running order, so you may find it useful to engage in a coaching consultation. We may need to change the oil and replace a fan belt! 

We can review how you and your wardrobe have been travelling, identify how you can make further decisions or refinements to create your style, explore what your personal brand is and how to put that into practice.